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Name : Digital AVR MEC-100 Series
Item Code : 509
Price : $Email

Product Details :

The Marelli Motori Digital Regulation Systems included in MEC-100 series are microprocessor-based electronic devices for the set-up and monitoring of the excitation system of Marelli generators with frame size ranging between 400 and 800. The configurability of the system and control parameters makes the MEC-100 series regulators flexible and suitable for a wide range of applications. These regulators are completely resin-bonded and isolated to keep a high operating reliability even in difficult working conditions (high levels of humidity, dust, salty atmosphere) and in presence of vibrations.


  • Four operating modes:
    • Automatic voltage regulation (AVR Mode).
    • Power Factor Regulation (PF Mode).
    • Reactive Power Regulation (VAR Mode).
    • Field Current Regulation (FCR Mode).
  • Stability parameters which can be individually set (P.I.D.) or predefined standard parameterizations. 
  • Soft start with a ramp which can be set, in AVR Mode. 
  • Generators parallel operation by means of Reactive Droop Compensation. 
  • Generator protections:
    • Field over-voltage.
    • Field over-current.
    • Generator over-voltage.
    • Generator under-voltage.
    • Generator over-current.
    • Loss of voltage sensing.
    • Diode Failure Monitoring. 
  • Excitation limiters (over-excitation and under-excitation). 
  • Under-frequency limiter. 
  • Internal Inrush Current limiter.

1.2.2. Inputs 

  • Generator voltage single-phase or three-phase sensing. 
  • Current sensing on single phase (1A or 5A). 
  • Network voltage single-phase sensing. 
  • 2 auxiliary analogue inputs (4-20mAdc) for the setpoint remote control. 
  • 8 contacts for external interface.

1.2.3. Outputs

  • PWM output up to a maximum of 15A in continuous current.
  • 2 programmable output relays for signalling the occurred alarm.

1.2.4. Human-Machine Interface

  • An RS-232 communication port to interface with PC through MEC-100 Interface System software.
  • MEC-100 Interace System software for Windows?to set the generator adjustment and  control parameters.



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